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Little Paws Inn


Marie Latimer

Little Paws Inn is a unique and exclusive small dog boarding and daycare establishment (all dogs need to be under 18” in shoulder height).

We offer the best in services

1.BOARDING:  A white picket fence surrounds each individual cottage where your dog will eat and sleep. After breakfast, all guests are properly assigned to social groups in our indoor play rooms with potty breaks every hour in our yard. They will take a two hour nap in the middle of the day, after that, more socializing until dinner followed by an evening stroll outside! Maintaining an appropriately active schedule helps ensure they each have a peaceful and restful night.

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2.DAYCARE:  Let your dog socialize, 7 days a week, in an atmosphere of fun and excitement or lounge contently watching the action! We have a 3,000 square foot play area where dogs can exercise and receive plenty of love and attention from our attentive staff. After a busy day of care, your pet will look forward to relaxing on the couch with the family.
3.GROOMING:  Your pet’s grooming service will include an all natural shampoo & conditioner, body massage, blow-dry, brushing, scissoring and/or clipper work, ear cleaning/plucking, nail trim, and teeth cleaning. Also included if requested, anal gland expression and sanitary trim, too!.
4.TRAINING:  Please use our new online registration process by clicking on the training link. Select the class you would like and register as new user (if you have not already registered before). The system will send you a confirmation email once you have signed up confirming your class time.